Reply To: major construction faults and paying a surveyor


No, not snagging. We had a long enough list for snagging items, which some 7 months later have not been completely finished (the hard items are being ignored).

Our problems are damp in half of the houses in the basements (we think because there is no land drain or it is not deep enough.

Sewage pipes which have been laid at the wrong levels. The outflow pipes from the houses are lower than the pipe which takes the waste to the drains.

A garden water feature which has never worked correctly and at the moment has surface electric cables running alongside water.

Telephone cables cut off late last year and no urgency to fix them.

Broken drain covers and man hole covers where the heavy machinery runs over them. The covers are laid on flimsy terracotta bricks – not an engineering brick in sight. We cannot park on our drive as we fear the car will fall down the holes.

Gardens which haven’t been thought about where water pools and sits against the house. Communal gardens which act as a large pond when it rains heavily. The absolute shock was when the water came in through the walls of a block of 6 houses leaving the basements flooded.

Your advice would be very helpful.