Reply To: Data from Spain’s real estate booms?



Thanks for your suggestions, they were all quite helpful. Fortunately my Spanish is proficient enough to navigate the “ministerio” sites, and they have plenty of data about the recent boom. The Market section of your site itself is quite a resource for current analysis as well, Mark. Also, for the few who may be interested, I did find a tremendous resource for general economic data at Here they’ve essentially compiled a wide array of economic indicators from as far back as the early 70’s. The site employs a very intuitive design, and it’ll even exports all your data automatically to Excel! I was pretty stoked on that.

That said, I’m still coming across a stumbling block for the older data/academic articles (from 1986-1992) specific to the Spanish housing market. I realize most people here are more concerned about the FUTURE than the past, so I’ll keep on keepin’ on and hope I find some back issues of a relevant journal at our library.

Thanks again for your advice,