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Aunty Val ‘quote’

I see buyers on a daily basis that are ill-prepared for the prospect of owning a property in Spain. What should I say to them? Don’t buy in Spain because the whole system is corrupt? Go home and do some more homework? Agents will continue to sell to who is sat in front of them. Would you do any differently in your respective professions?

Aunty Val

while i realise survival is at stake, why on earth would you want somone ill-prepared, to buy from you? Wouldn’t you rather be honest and tell them the truth and then make a sale from based on honesty and transparancy? or are things so bad out there that being ‘economical with thr truth’ is the only way to make a sale? I realise you have a living to make, but surely preying on those who do not know any better is not a good way to change the corrupt system or ultimately improve things for anyone, buyers or sellers.