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Aunty Val ‘quote’

I see buyers on a daily basis that are ill-prepared for the prospect of owning a property in Spain. What should I say to them? Don’t buy in Spain because the whole system is corrupt? Go home and do some more homework? Agents will continue to sell to who is sat in front of them. Would you do any differently in your respective professions?

To be honest yes – I have had 2 people in the office this week who still think there is good rental potential and have also been told prices will rise.

Whilst I want to earn a crust, even when I was in the RE industry in the UK (back in the heady 1980’s) I didnt try to make the situation be what it is not.

Truth is if you explain things fully to people and how it is, then they will still buy if it is right for them.

Some wont and some will at a later date when they get their heads around it. I have numerous prospective buyers watching our site and asking questions. Most I tell to wait a bit longer until the market settles as for them it is not a right time.

Given the full information buyers are perfectly capable of making their own minds up and if they make a wrong decision then it is their poison.

Yes we have lost sales through it, but these people do come back and more importantly recommend you to others.