Reply To: One mans lessons


I’m afraid this is about the fifth estate agent in as many months that has come out with this old coconut – “it’s the buyers at fault, they deserve all they get because they don’t do their research before buying”.

Just once – once will do it – I would love to see an estate agent actually admit that there are many in their own profession that has fuelled the huge-scale corruption that exists in the Spanish property market.

Val – like many others I know, I prepared, I researched and I read as much as I could to give myself a ‘general understanding’ of the market – yet I still got screwed by my agent (a catalogue of lies), my lawyer (no Bank Guarantee, contract full of developer-biased illegal clauses, perpetuated the lie that my purchase was on track when it wasn’t even built) and of course ………… royally screwed by the developer, who I had to take to court to get my money back.
This ‘old coconut’ is a classic example of being in denial!
(professionally, not personally).

Goodstich is absolutely right, no purchaser deserves to have their trust betrayed. And to lay the blame at their feet for the indescribable mess many find themselves in is, IMO, insulting.