Reply To: Spanish Property Estate Agents?



Hello Inez.
I have heard about Penarroya’s offers to sell these illegal apts for present owners. I also know of one person who has received a standard letter from the Developer about re-selling their apartment for them. There are 2 spaces apparently (I have not seen this) for just their apt. number & their signature, to allow Penarroya to sell the apt. on (no other contract details/options on this letter). Developer has apparently told this person that if they sign this letter they will receive their 30% deposit back AFTER the apt. has been re-sold, LESS a commission charge ❗ ❗ ❗ As they are claiming that those who have not completed yet also owe many Euros in community charges I expect they’d be taking that amount off too ❗ Who knows what other charges could be taken – not to mention fees for cancelling their own mortgage on the property – another illegal clause – nearly forgot that one.

Obviously, one couldn’t take legal action against the developer & enter into a business arrangement with them for selling the apt. at the same time, so this is another way of Penarroya trying to stay out of Court.

But thanks for thinking of me ❗