Reply To: El Cid, Nr Deveses in Denia


@vbtudor wrote:

I Imagine it is North Costa Blanca. Deveses is a beach near Denia and is as far North of the Costa Blanca as you can get as about 1 km further is a sign saying you are leaving the Costa Blanca.

Dont know anything about the development but it seems a bit steep for the area – there are literally thousands of new builds goign up across the road in El Evrgel and they are having difficulty getting rid of them. If you go there you will also otice there are a lot of resales (newly completed) for sale, and Denia in general is seeing a mass exodus because many Germans are selling up. That said it isnt a bad place to be (Dont like it myself but it is popular with tourists in Summer)

Has a short season though as nothing is around in winter so if you are looking to ent out then I would suggest lok elsewhere.If it is for a holiday home then it isnt a bad place to have one.


Many thanks for your response. I do know the area and agree with much of what you have said, particularly relating to the Deveses area and mass development.

I already have a property near the Montgo in Denia and have no interest in purchasing in Deveses. However, friends had secured a plot on El Cid and were disappointed when the price increased by 40% before they had a chance to exchange. A bit odd, in light of your comments.