Thank you

I understand most of it (just) apart from the last bit where I’m still confused:

If the developer is given a BL (and wrongdoing can not be proven in a court of law) for apartments when originally all that could be build was Town Houses.

The developer applies for an LFO and after six years still has not got a proper LFO but claims one via ASR. Everyone has moved in, many have been resold etc etc etc.

The Town Hall then says “Regardless of the BL (which we granted) you should have built Town Houses, we now revoke the BL, who is to blame?

The developer? (remember nothing can be proved)
The Lawyer for not spotting that the plan says one thing and the BL says another, and not insisting on a proper LFO?
The owner see above?
The Town Hall?

The developer or you and your lawyer are to blame for buying and moving in. The Town Hall always said it was illegal and regardless of this you went ahead and completed. However this case is tricky and may be argued both ways. I can blame either the purchaser or the developer depending on whom is hiring me as a lawyer

I would have though the Town Hall was to blame as they had reclassified (wrongly) the land which give permission to build apartment rather than Town Houses. How could anyone possiably check against such wrongdoing the PGOU says town houses the Town Hall changes this to apartments. The Deveoper builds the apartments in line with his BL the six years later the Town Hall says “sorry big mistake we’re revocking your BL”.