laggen wrote-

”So many people have gone through a lot of heartache and sleepless nights because of the sitiuation they have found themselves in and needless to say not the result of their own fault. They have then gone on to do a lot of research to try to resolve this mess and at the same time report back to others what they have found out and which in turn could benefit all of us. I, for one, have been helped enourmously by this”

…..well said, as is the rest of your post, which is why i have been praising these people, and those who understand their decisions not to give in to the sharks in the system we all read about. As you say, everyone has their story, and though i sympathise with those who have completed without the proper licenses/contract details in place, (often under pressure, lied to or wrong information) i do feel we must recognise decisions/opinions that pander to the bad guys and do not help force the much needed change in the system.