I am getting very saddened by what I have been reading here. So many people have gone through a lot of heartache and sleepless nights because of the sitiuation they have found themselves in and needless to say not the result of their own fault. They have then gone on to do a lot of research to try to resolve this mess and at the same time report back to others what they have found out and which in turn could benefit all of us. I, for one, have been helped enourmously by this and armed me with a lot of information giving me more confidence in making my own sitiuation a bit clearer.Even after getting a result themselves, they continue to contribute to the forum. I also appreciate to hear from others that have completed successfully and are happy with their purchase. It has been a very nailbiting time to wonder whether or not to complete or not when there has been no LFO in place, for instance. The sitiuation in Elviria is very complicated and everybody is blaming each other. The developer is blaming the town hall, the town hall is blaming the developer. As far as I have understood, perhaps wrongly, is that as far as Los Lagos is concerned,the building licence granted was for apartments although it should have been villas and townhouses. Apartments were built and now the developers are told that the building licence is not valid. The town hall approved the licence…If they had issued a licence for villas and town houses, surely someone from the the town hall must have noticed that apartments were being built….Anyway, I hope people will continue to contribute to the forum in a positive way and accept that everybody has their own experiences and we should listen and then make up our own mind if the information we give or receive could be of any help. Slagging matches is of no help to anybody and contributes nothing.