Reply To: Dilema re buying for investment!!!


If you really want to purchase in Spain have you considered Murcia as an option ❓
Not where the Brits are now ,but Spanish Spain,nearer Lorca, Aguilas area.
There is a massive expansion of building taking place ,aimed at foreign buyers, which although I personally cannot speak for the legalities of, not being in the property business, of suffice to say it is not an area under investigation for corruption.
One of these is Lorca Resort Golf the other is Los Olivos. Both currently under construction but because here individual plots have to be a minimum of 5000 sq.m it will never resemble the horrors of other areas.
The re-sale properties here are enormous and much cheaper than where you are looking, and because of of the building programme many people, as we were during our build, are looking for intrim rental properties.
Just a thought