Hi Claire and Charlie
First day into chairing the forum
Not had anyone posting on the main forum but have many P.Ms all saying the same
Quotes Some of many examples

If you research back if other people do post on this forum giving a opinion that they do not share it always ends in a degenerating slagging match loaded with sarcastic and inane comments.

Anyone that dose not agree is labelled as an agent/lyer or worse

Why should people that have no intention of living in Spain be allowed to voice the opinions of those that are.

I sometime chomp at the bit to post my opinion but I just remain hopeful that they will burn themselves out.

I am amazed of the responce and feel that some opinions that we are a minority is wlldly off the mark.

Nothing is black and white and quote the Spanish “This is Spain” and I think that says alot in the way some appear to label them all.
There are crooked agents/developers in every country and in particulay in the U.K
However not all are same and you know what the saying goes “WHEN IN ROME ?”

They all say the same THE FORUM SHOULD BE OPEN FOR ALL CONTRIBUTIONS and we would then have a fair a open view point that everyone can share.
Mark I hope you let this remain on the forum ?