You join a forum to put your points of view and not just agree with everyone

. I joined the forum in desperate need of help and advice.

You clearly have a vendetta against Eralia and in particular Green Hills

It is not a vendetta it was a long hard fight. Do you think they had the right to keep our money? What would you have done in our position? Maybe you are very wealthy and could have afforded to loose it? [/b

What I am saying is Eralia are part of the Spainish system wherethey are promoters of a development and nothing more


That is where you are so wrong.! You obviously didn’t get the big glossy magazine given out when they were launching Green Hills and the brochures saying “another Eralia development” Nowhere did it say Eralia were just the promoters, and I can prove it..All of the people I know were told that Eralia were the developers. Ocean Estates told us that, our then lawyer told us that.

I consider they in general are better than most and I would buy from them again

That’s your choice and perogative.

Cant you see that just maybe you are sending out all of these negative messages giving purchasers extra worry and they were foolish when indeed they were not.

I do not “send out messages!” People come here, like me with the same problems we had. For the record you and elixir are the only two people who seem to be happy!!! No one else has come here to say so.

These after all are the same people that have been investing in Spain for many years and I have a great deal of freinds who just luv the place to bits.

So..What has that got to do with me???

Telling them buildings without L.F.Os are practically worthless or are going to be bulldozed when we all know this is not going to happen is irrisponsible and will do no good whatsoever

That I take exception to! I have never said that. Demonstate where I have said that?

The situation is not perfect but nowhere near the end of the world senario you are portraying.

Quote me!! Again that is your perception. Quote:

There are thousands of propertyies with real problems and why cant you all really put your noble efforts against the real crooks

Get real! They are not my problem!! There are plenty of others doing that for themselves.

and I would support and be in favour all the way.

Oh, so you would be happy to join a “vendetta” (your words not mine) so long as you were not buying there!

If you cant see that this is a vendetta then look at the forum hit rate against other far more seriuos and take La Reserva de Marbella for instance ?

Sorry , I don’t see the relevance of that statement. Do you think I have control of the number of hits ? Also this thread has been running for 5 1/2 months!!

The bottom line is a few bungs and an example made to a developer and the government will say they have cracked corruption then everything will be back to normal

Lets really hope not, lets hope it is achieved in a democratic, lawful way.

A year after we paid our deposit, we went to visit the site with our daughter to see the progress. The builders were working on the lower level. Our plot was still scrubland. When we went to the Eralia office and asked why our level(phase1) had not been started they said not to worry it would be ready on time. quote:” It will be done in no time,once they get going ” Little did we know that the licence had already been suspended. Being the honourable, reputable company Eralia are…they chose to lie to us. All that time we had emails from Ocean estates telling us our apartment was on schedule.
When we were told, 6 months later, by our then lawyer that the apartment we were buying was not going to be built , we asked, not unreasonably, for our money back. We wanted to buy somewhere else. But no…Eralia would not return our money to us. They had taken our money which had been left unprotected for 15 months because unbeknown to us, they did not issue a BG which by law they have to. We eventually got one dated 2 days before we were told by our lawyer..NOT Eralia, of the no build, but it was post dated 19 months. The only reason the bank issued these BG’s was because Eralia had to deposit a huge amount of money into the bank to cover the purchasers deposit monies that Eralia had already used. In 2003 the bank would not issue a BG because they new that there was an impending problem with the building licence. Again we have proof of this. When we asked the bank to honour the BG they also said NO, because Eralia would not allow them to pay us. So we had to go to the stress & expense of a Court case. MORE MONEY!! Thank goodness we had a good Lawyer and together with Charlie, we eventually got our money back.
During this horrendous saga, other people from Green Hills in the same situation contacted either Charlie or myself, having read of our problems, and asked for help. Knowing how much we needed help in the beginning, we of course did help them as between us we had researched the situation thoroughly. We knew an awful lot about Eralia and their directors, and about all the building licence fiasco at the Town Hall. As Charlie stated before, Eralia never had planning permission to build apartments, only some houses. Hence the term “illegal” comes into play.
Charlie & Katerina confronted Both Leonardo Cromstedt, and Victor Sanchez face to face on numerous occasions and told them in no uncertain terms that unless we got our money back we would go to the British media & the Courts. They would not do the honourable thing and so we did both. In fact the British media were constantly contacting me. Eralia wanted a fight ..they got one…AND WE WON!!!
Now as with all campaigners for peoples human rights, just because we won, we are not walking away and saying to the others still waiting for their court cases to be heard ” We’ve got our money back..See Ya!! No, we are now supporting them as they did us. As you will have seen from another post, as you read so many, another of the group got their money back this week, through the Court in Madrid, as reported in Diario Sur. Their apartment was not built either. It has taken them over 3 years! They are ordinary people, not investors playing the markets like you say you do.
Whatever Charlie & I do to support these people is not done on the forum. We do it by way of private email. We have all become trusted friends.These are people we speak to by phone and have met up with.We have all shared our ghastly experience together. It has nothing to do with you and in no way affects you…or does it?

You have a vendetta against me. I’m really pleased you are happy with your investment. NOTHING you say to me will alter my view or stop me saying what I want to say. If Mark doesn’t like what we say, he will delete the posts. You are wasting your time and energy It will not change the Green Hills situation by having a go at me. I’ve been using the forum for nearly two years now, the time it took to get our hard earned money back.We have learned a lot from the good advice given here by the lawyers who contribute.

You can now say/write what you like about me. I’ll still be here but I will not be responding. Take it how you like. I’m really not bothered…nor am I patronising you…telling you how it is.