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@Fuengi wrote:

because i know its 7.5% if shared and 5% if its not.
So are they marketing it with the full 7.5% on top? and then offer some wonderfull 2.5% discount if the client comes through them.

I enquired about a propetry on their website a few weeks ago which turned out to be a shared agency one. They couldn’t/wouldn’t tell me what the commission on the house was and when I enquired about the commission charges of the agency they were sharing it with they (V) gave me 2 different answers – one person said 4% and one said “about 5%”. When I met with the other agency who, unfortunately, were in charge of viewings, they told me their commission was 8%. I have subsequently found out that the actual commission they were hoping to make was in excess of 30%. I relayed this info to V who were not in the least bit interested.