Reply To: Los Lagos


Hi Charlie

And we all know ‘how’ these licences were ‘obtained’

I think we all suspect how some of these licences were obtained, but it would seem that all developers and promoters are being tared with the same brush. Which by the way they may deserve. The fact is we don’t know who paid who what and whether money changed hands on all occasions. By the way I would ask if money could in fact buy anything why didn’t phase two of green hills ever get built, as far as I’m aware it was never taped off.

They are acknowledging that these BL’s should never have been issued in the first place because they went against the Junta’s 1986 PGOU plan, were fraudulently issued and are therefore under the current massive investigation into all illegal builds.

So if no money changed hands (or it can not be proved) and the promoters of all of these Elvria developments have a BL from the town hall, who’s to blame. The owners, certainly not, the developer probably not (if they can argue they where not complicit), the town hall and the people in power at the time are therefore absolutely to blame. So it is difficult to call them illegal builds if in fact they are developments with a BL granted by an (unknown at the time) corrupt administration, the promoter could / would argue they where built in good faith and not built illegally as they had permission.

I’m just giving my point of view Charlie I don’t think I’m in denial I have a point of view and as yet I’ve not seen or read anything to change my point of view. I will always take argument and hopefully you feel I’m am respectful of yours while still disagreeing.

I have given you the benefit of my view but i am unsure of yours, so just what do you think will happen to say Los Lagos. Will it be pulled down, will it lie empty for years or what, because all I hear from those close to this development (Lawyers, Administrators etc) is that by this time next year it will be a fully legal development.