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@p800aul wrote:

……it was only late last year that Los Patios BL was revoked. It smacks of the Town Hall playing games with the promoters to get money.

Paul, with respect – I really think there is a little bit of denial going on here.

Let us face some facts. The building licences for these developments by this developer – including Green Hills, Los Lagos, Los Patios etc were all obtained during the ex-mayor Gil’s time. And we all know ‘how’ these licences were ‘obtained’. Green Hills for example only had originally a BL for townhouses, not blocks of apartments. No wonder they are telling purchasers now “there is a little problem re. the BL over the height of construction”. Wow, surprise surprise!

The Town Hall is not playing games with the promoter/developer to get money. They are acknowledging that these BL’s should never have been issued in the first place because they went against the Junta’s 1986 PGOU plan, were fraudently issued and are therefore under the current massive investigation into all illegal builds.

This is why they are refusing to issue LFO’s, and this is why they are conducting a judicial review. meanwhile, the BL’s are suspended.

Am afraid ‘thems are the facts’.