Reply To: Los Lagos


It is the same with developers putting in a BG that completion is due when the Architect issues his ‘End of Works Certificate’

Clearly this is a throw back to the good old days when admin silence worked. If this was not the case the BG would have been in place forever or at least until a LFO was officially granted. As we’ve noted before all of the developments in the area (and beyond) do not have a LFO they can frame and stick up on a wall, all are by admin silence. I read some other community AGM minutes (down the coast towards la Cala) last week (I’m sad I know) and they have just got an LFO after five years of trying.

Lets face it there was a lot of ‘flexibility’ previously with no one really worrying about things like FLO’s etc. The corruption hasn’t really changed this flexibility just made people more cautious.