With regards to La Reseva
Again I bought this apartment at 12% under the asking price( agent you see) and indeed there was a problem with the garden which I thought I would have to resort to some sort of action (hate Pennorya and everthing they stand for)
However as I was able to sell again with no commission I was able to break even.(to a Spanish person)
Kathy people will be lucky to sell at La Reseva,period.
Claire I have worked for every single penny I have,sometimes I take a chance and sometimes I win and sometimes I loose but I chose not winge if I loose.
My quote that in MY opinion of those that have paid a deposit will have to complete .
Now though I respect your groups motives for not wanting to complete as the prices havent done to well I feel you will have a reality check
Yes I am very happy with my apartment,including gaining some extra measurements lost on La Reserva
I have not heard to many complaints myself on all of the other developments carries out by Eralia ( no more than a typical british builder any way.)
I didnt contribute to the forum just to agree with your views as I have my own.
While visiting Green Hills in June we had the pleasure of meeting many that were also very happy and in fact delighted with their apartment,however (Los Lagos was not so good.)
I envy your good intentions in having a little tittle ,tattle between yourselves all agreeing with one another.
In my opinion those that paid a deposit and will have to complete and will possilbly have to wait a little longer to see a return as will most residence in Elvira due to the damage you are compounding.
Get real ,!
Eralia and possibly Sifasa invested massive amounts of money in the road struture probably from deposits paid.
They paid commissions on phase 1 and 2 only for 1 to be refused at a later date.
Now they paid out all of this money and it all went wrong and have you considered that they they may not have all of the funds at hand to refund every one at once.
They to are involved in the dreaded Spanish system and too right they will duck and dive to survive.
Yes I know I wil get some slagging back BUT ?
Having been involved with all areas of the Costa del Sol (including the Disney land bait)Benalmadana ect my wife and I are very happy with what we have and the service offered be Eralia and even sent them a thank you letter.
If any one out there that wishes me to send photos of our apartment and the pools and gardens.please let me know and let them make their own opinion and not that of a sorry minority in the Elvira sad society.