Hi Bernard.
Whilst I can understand what you would like to see on this forum, I do not think it will ever be achieved, IMHO, for the following reason.
If everything is hunkydory in your life then who/why would you seek out a forum? Of the forums that I have used , the contributors usually have problems that they are seeking help/ solutions to. The people who use this forum, by and large, have/are experiencing the same type of problems. If people who come here for the first time are given a rude awakening as to all tht can go wrong when buying property, then that as far as I can see can only be good. If they heed the advice and experience we have had, then hopefully they can avoid the pitfalls. We for one would have loved it if this forum was around in 2003/4 when we got sucked in.

I certainly wouldn’t be wasting my time using forums if I was now able to sit and enjoy our home in Spain. Also, even though we were lucky to have got our deposit money back, we are still more than £20,000 poorer. Our success was 99% down to this forum being here and meeting the people (in person)that I have. In real life, I am a shrinking violet mother/housewife!! 😉