@Claire wrote:

And we’ve got our money back +interest + legal fees after a long legal fight, as have many others! There are many pending Court cases from disgruntled purchasers of the lower blocks. Sunbelt, you are talking such rubbish that I cannot be bothered to answer you . You have clearly done no research on the situation at Green Hills. Live in blissful ignorance. 🙄

Hi Claire
I see that you are a fiery one and you have your money back now as its clear that was correct.(Developers lost a fortune I hear)
J.B,think we will be sharing the pool and having a glass or two of wine and wonder why you bought there in the first place.
Give it time and sell it?
Claire the extra space relates to a rear courtyard and an extended terrace.
Roberta as well we know 3 to 5 years is a long time and this roblem will have to be sorted
Charlie.I have not said that you have to sign,what I am saying is Ibelieve you will have to in the end as I cant imagine the Spanish Government allowing anything else
I beleive one chap has already lost one case in Los Lagos.
Lets all be honest if we had the option of being able to look into the future then none would have bought but we have and in no way am i looking in ignorant bliss its just reality and how best to deal with it.
Here we have everyone knows someone who knows someone down the pub who thinks they know the Spanish Legal system when in fact I dont most solicitors inSpain dont know the system as they have spent years avoiding it
Agents are greedy pigs
Solicitors are in the main corrupt
People in the property market in Spain in the main would know the truth if it hit them in the face and even then their again with the fact commission they would ignore anyway
The real roughs that caused most of this mess are now in countries like Bulgaria and that will be the centre of the same corruption as Spain has suffered
Yes it going to be a bit of a rough ride but its all part of the game.