Reply To: Spanish Property Market in 2007



The vast majority of posts on this thread have been from one perspective only, from that of the owner or seller of property. Perhaps it is now time to have a different view, from that of a prospective buyer.
The Spanish property market to me seems very soft, Mark calls it is a buyers market. Prices and activity have stagnated, 92,000 unsold properties in Andalucia alone, it took 3 times longer for a sale in 06 than it did in 05. If prices are inflated it will take some time for the market to correct this.
Buyers have been put off by the scams and scandal, those who have not are much more careful. Buying in Spain is a more comlex matter than in the UK and a wise buyer will do thier homework, take time working out thier esritura from thier copia simple. There will be buyers out and about this year but not in the numbers of the past and looking for a keen price, i know because i will be one of them.