Reply To: need help, bought house in spain, now cant sell?????



hi, the property is in baza, granada and is currently for sale if anyones interested, thanks to some good advice to people on here my mum has managed to put the wind up the solicitor and made him realise she wont be walked over, so he is now on the case and trying to get things organised so they can sell the property, all it was that there was a signature missing or something, there were 4 people who sold the house to my parents and the solicito told them he had all signatures when he didnt, taken ages to actually get him to tell them what the problem was, made them really concerned as to what had happened, but after a phonecall from somebody high up he told my mum everything and ensured her that she could now sell the property., so fingers crossed, will keep everyone informed, and thankyou to all for your advice and help.