Reply To: Spanish Property Market in 2007


Hi Mark –

Re. the Transparency Table link – I gather this represents corruption as a whole generally, and not just property-related corruption which was the subject of my post and forestfire’s thread.
General corruption in Greece? I can’t comment as I have no idea. Property-related corruption on Crete? – no visible signs here yet as everything I see has been built within the regulations.
That I can say which is more than I can say for Spain.

You say “There is corruption in Spain, and it is being dealt with”.
Well why is it just recently someone I know who went to court to try and get his money back for an apartment he bought on an illegal development, several years overdue, no legal building licence/no LFO…… and the judge found in the developer’s favour?
Not dealing with it very well, are they?

I could relate dozens of stories where trying to get justice for being ripped off in a property-buying situation is like banging your head on a brick wall – still.

As for Spain being a “remarkably corruption-free society, especially when compared to the other countries with pleasant climates like Greece”.

I gather by that sweeping statement you are referring to your Table link, well maybe, who knows……but it is definitely not referring to that part of society involved in the Spanish property market.
In my previous post, I was.