Reply To: Spanish Property Market in 2007


My goodness my comments did fly some feathers around. Personally I dont have a vested interest in keeping market prices artificially high. For over 4 years I have been saying reality needs to come back to theis market. I have lived here for 12 years and have visited Spain since the early 70’s with my parents. I know what the Spanish will pay and what is realistic.

Lower prices makes an easy sale for me thank you very much.

We have sellers every day desperate to sell, but not many will or can afford to drop the price to enable the property to sell. We even find ourselves in the situation of turning sellers away as they are in such financial dire straights their only option is to let the bank take the property back.

I cannot see how anyone can possibly comment on increase percentages when the figures these are based on are not the true picture. I have had this argument with valuers as they use such varying factors which do not state the true picture.

Spain is a strong market – it has just reverted slowly back to a normal market, where people will come to live or for genuine second homes for their own use. Cant beat the weather!!!

And ps I am already getting auction stock from Bulgaria and Turkey!!!