Aunty Val

I have to disagree Shakeel.

The fact is that an agent in the UK will generate many more unit sales per annum than an estate agent in Spain. There is a greater domestic market in the UK which creates a greater number of movements per year.

Many agents will charge 1.5% but there are an equal number who will be charging 2% and more like 3% for a multiple instruction.

You cannot compare the average fee in the UK with that in Spain because the average value of a property in the UK is that much more expensive.

Over recent years agents have done very well out of the “foreign” market but with this decreasing then, if anything, agents will need to increase fees to create the same level of income that they are used to (not that I am suggesting this by the way).

Having worked in a reasonable town in the UK and averaging 15-20 sales per month it is a shock to see many agents in Spain only selling 5 or 6 properties in a year!