Reply To: Selling off plan contract


The article from newspaper SUR does mention clearly what you were saying Dorothy. If what they publish is true this will indeed affect off-plan because it will tighten the control over the person who assigned the contract in the first place forcing him to pay taxes etc….

This could imply that even more developers will now reject assignments in off-plans. In any case many were already doing this long before this law came into force because the off-plan market had already taken a hit a few years ago (peaked off in late 2003- early 2004) and they didn’t rely anymore in assignments wanting to get “hold” of the end purchaser not letting him go.

The off-plan market was already hit and this new law from December only helps to finish it off. I’m sure off-plan will be a great investment again in 4-7 years time from now, but certainly not now, at least in Spain.