Reply To: Starting a business in Spain


Hi Charlie, Almost what I thought of…a bit scarier!

My idea : I have heard lots of comments from people that they went to see a house advertised as 10 mins from the beach and it was 30 and how much of a waste of their time it was. This led me to think that there maybe a market for someone who was based here who could either provide you with a selection of properties in your chosen location for you to narrow down and then view on your behalf, providing non-biased feedback and photos or view properties you had chosen and again provide feedback and photos. Especially as the estate agents here are not always very forthcoming with details of properties I´m sure you realise in need of renovation can mean needs a new everything to needs updating!

The only thing is how to make it pay…anyone got any ideas? If you were looking to buy would you use such a service and would you pay upfront? I REALLY do NOT want to take anything from estate agents commision!

But now you have got me thinking!! It would be great to do something like that but maybe a bit scary!

I might post this as a separate topic too….