Reply To: Macrocomunidad – Community Fees



Hi Paul

On the budget our Secretary/Administrator put together Macrocomunidad has not been listed or budgeted for. It wasn’t until one of our Owners spoke with the President of the other development we knew of the charge. I have not been able to find any mention of this fee on the internet or in books or on forums like this.

People coming to Spain to live will get a surprise as, like us, they probably only think they have utilities, rubbish tax and IBI to pay. Granted it’s not a large sum but if they can increase it at 40% per annum it soon will be.

I don’t know if the Developer is paying for it at the moment or it is going to be for us to pay when the Secretary/Administrator gets around to contacting the office who make the charge. Our President is our Developer – it’s a community of just over 6 months duration since people first moved in.

We have our own private roads but we are in an estabished ‘village’ so all the infrastructure was in place.

We don’t have a great relationship with our Administrator – haven’t wanted to raise it with him until I had some independent information.

Am going to try and find out more and will post so others are aware.

Many thanks.