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Heather – you once wrote:

(Posted: Sat Dec 10, 2005 9:12 pm Post subject: FAQS)

“Having brought a property recently, the thing we felt was missing from all the books and sites was a really easy to follow, all in one place over-view of the buying process, from viewing onwards ……”

Why not start a business offering a cradle-to-the-grave house purchase advisory service for all the “naive” and “uninformed” Brits who are “ignorant of the very basics of property purchasing and completely vulnerable to unscrupulous traders”.

With your wealth of experience now (purchasing, renovating, car buying etc) armed with a good list of trustworthy lawyers and agents etc. you may just save a lot of unnecessary heartache for those who choose to employ your services, for a fee of course.

I wish we had had the opportunity to be advised by a service like that
(at least we wouldn’t have waited to get a Bank Guarantee until 2 years down the line when we eventually found out about them…..).
To be honest, if we had stayed in Spain, it was a business we would have considered.

You might just be able to give some ‘unscrupulous traders’ a run for their money – lawyers, developers and agents alike.

I have a great list of disgraceful, dishonest and corrupt lawyers and agents from our group for you (to know to avoid), to help you get started…… 😉