Reply To: Elvira or Alternate location advice required


Well – I might as well join in on this…. 😆

Sheggsl – We ‘bought’ in Elviria, then when our problems hit the fan, were offered an appartment at their new development in Benahavis (with a nice large ‘top up’ to pay of course).
We looked into everything when making our decision, and decided eventually to just ‘close the page’, basically because of the way the developer behaved (lied, tried to cheat, made empty promises etc.) and decided we just couldn’t trust them.
We also heard rumours that the Town Hall in Benahavis may in the future have similar problems as those in Marbella – no idea if true, but just weren’t in the mood to take another gamble.

Many people on the forum know that Claire and myself were successful in court this Summer in obtaining our money back (with the paltry legal interest that doesn’t ‘compensate’ even for differences in the exchange rate) but at least we are home and dry.

I wish all those, who are still in the position we were in, a successful and just conclusion to their claim for a return on their monies.

A big thank you to Drakan, Mariadecastro and Cesar for their patience and input on the forum – all the free legal advice ‘on tap’ has certainly in our case been absolutely invaluable.

Best wishes to you all, a joyous Christmas, and may 2007 bring you peace and good health.

And to all the crooked developers/agents/lawyers sitting on other people’s money when they have no right to –
may you all get your just deserts! 😈