Reply To: What I have come to believe


For the sake of argument, just as an example, suppose that a town (let’s imagine it is in in Murcia) has a population of say around 23,000.

Suppose that the notary in this town witnesses the contracts for say 8,000 off-plan properties on two urbanisations – properties which will potentially increase the population of the town by 50%. (And imagine the fees he earns!)

Now suppose that not one, not one single one, of these properties has a Habitation Certificate, Licence of First Occupation, whatever you would like to call it.

Imagine that this is because the developers of these urbanisations have not fulfilled the requirements of their planning consent by providing the infrastructure that they promised to obtain the building licences.

So – not one of these 8,000 or so properties can be considered to be legally habitable. Not one of them can legally obtain power or water supplies.

Would you suppose that the notary of this town might just stop for a minute and wonder if he should consider that this might be a problem that he should possibly address?

Or not?