Reply To: ATLAS builder with-holding title deeds


Tilly – absolutely agree with you.

The number of stories I personally know of amongst a group of us, involving quite a sizeable number of lawyers/law firms who have blatantly fed clients false information re. their position and rights during the purchase process, as well as not obtaining correct documents required by law such as Bank Guarantees, not replying to e-mails/phone calls etc. is quite shocking. And I do not believe it is a case of these lawyers being ignorant of the law – it is blatantly being in with the developer, and not having their clients’ best interests at heart.
And this is a group all based in the Marbella region that I know about – goodness knows what goes on elsewhere.

One of the most common ‘tricks’ of these lawyers is to fail to have their clients’ papers in order, no Bank Guarantee etc., often knowingly involve their client in a hopeless development – then turn round and say to their client if you now want out, we’ll take it to court for you, it’s a bit hopeless because you don’t have a Bank Guarantee but we’ll give it a go – please send us 6000 plus euros to do it.
Or how about charging 7000 euros at the beginning of a purchase process, total legal fees upfront, then when the development doesn’t get built and all he’s done is sign his name on the initial purchase contract, refuses/goes silent on refunding any of this money.

But as I always say on this forum – these lawyers are in the minority compared with the amount of brilliant, honest ones.
The problem is sorting out the goodies from the baddies.

And size/prestiege of law firm means nothing. Ours for example was a highly-respected international lawfirm linked to one of the top firms in London – and what they did to us incorporates all of the above plus more.

In my opinion I think Rawlins, on this one, you are living on another planet if you honestly believe that such mass ‘dishonest representation’ linked to downright corruption goes on in England on the same scale.