Reply To: Capital Gains again


Katy, certainly not scaremongering .
IR, the VAT ,council offices, and banks have people who just read newspapers and go on web sites looking and collating information about people.
Government offices even pay for information. Going rate in 1999 was £50 or a percentage of what they collected!!

If you should ever have the misfortune to be investigated ,even when you are innocent, then you will be surprised just how much they know about you.
When our business rates were to be revised I was asked a question, which I answered truthfully. I was then shown a 5 year old newspaper cutting that would have been used against me if I had lied.
Now the UK Government have access to a major online UK property site so they can check up on people .
So please don’t ever under estimate UK officialdom and accuse anyone of scaremongering.
It is your perogative to believe me or not just hope you will never have to find out how devious they are.