Reply To: Can anyone answer this legal conundrum?


If a property agent can hide behind the `law of agency`, and stop themselves having to answer to a court

Thats a really good question!@ A CERTAIN well known agent used this excuse to me when the sheet hit the fan with my property. I find it amazing that it appears to be a supportable legal argument in Spain. To hear the MD of said agent telling me that he had no idea what was going on as he “just acted as an introducer” and therefore anything that went on after that was no responsibility of his.

Translation: So basically I just took the commission and never checked any of the facts/lies my company told you, but if I did tell you it was legal/registered/a great investment/ then I was not legally responsible as your contract is with the Promoter not with the Agency. So we can just walk away laughing………

How can this continue to be acceptable in Spanish Law ❓ or is it just as another poster says – they know that the average Brit has no knowledge of the SPanish legal system and they also know that it will take years to get to court and if it does then they will not honor the judgement and appeal and delay it until a decade has gone by???