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Hillybilly- Yes, my car is LHD presently, but hopefully for not much longer, with UK plates.

Katy: When I went for the ITV test, I was told there were 2 options, importing the car and change the ownership into my name (its in my husbands) or I could simply keep it in his name and as we are in the EU, change the address of ownership. As far as I can tell, this is exactly the same as for importing it, but keeps it in my husbands name. This is what I did and as I said it was much cheaper – about 40-50 euros for the ITV test, resulting in Spanish papers for my car 25 days later + the ITV test papers.

I guess it is like when send the DVLA a change of address and they would update your details and send you new docs.

Todays bit of advice would be to make sure everything you have has the same name on it. We have a joint account and when I paid the ingreso (1st reg tax) today I didn’t realise the thing from the bank had my name on it not my hubbies, this meant that when I went to collect my MOD576 form from the agencia tributuria, their computer didn’t like the fact that the tax was paid by one person and the car owned by another, so I had to go back to the bank and change the payment into his name and have to go back into Oviedo tomorrow to try again! Don’t you just LOVE red tape!!

When this gets sorted I’ll post a definitive what to do, at least in Asturias!
I guess that will be after the puente now!