Reply To: Viva Estates MD has quit


@Drakan wrote:

It worries me what you write.

With respect, Drakan, ‘worry’ doesn’t begin to describe what we, on the other end, feel.
As a so-called regulatory body for lawyers, the Colegio’s reputation for many of us I’m afraid is that they are a complete waste of time.
Just a ‘Boys’ Club’ has been mentioned to me more than once.

Likewise, with some lawyers reluctant to take on someone’s case who has been badly served by their original lawyer and wants to sue them. As you once said, lawyers are very ‘reluctant’ to do this, to go against another lawyer.

How is justice supposed to be served by this attitude?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not ‘lawyer-bashing’ across the board.
As you well know, I am now with a superb one. And we all know that you are a ‘good egg’ especially with the work you do here on the forum.

It is just the fact that these few that seem to enjoy total immunity to any consequences, at the dreadful expense/stress of their clients, that make me so angry.
Our original lawyer would have been struck off in the UK with how they conducted themselves on all counts during our purchase process.

Thank goodness the likes of my lawyer and your good self 😉 show that Spain does have ‘good eggs’!