Reply To: Viva Estates MD has quit


I think it would help, Drakan, if your ‘Colegio de Abogados’ was more active/helpful/forceful in coming down hard on rogue lawyers.

How is it when a client of a law firm complained/reported to the Colegio that his lawyer failed to get him a Bank Guarantee, allowed his purchase contract to contain many illegal clauses, for months failed to respond to e-mails/letters and ‘phone calls, gave him false legal advice regarding his current legal situation re. his purchase, helpled themselves to monies put in an account for a specific purpose by the client but drew on it for some overblown fee of theirs – and the Colegio simply said they wouldn’t be doing anything because as far as they were concerned this law firm ‘hadn’t broken any of their rules’.

Such impotence of the Colegio only encourages some law firms to act in this way, whereas firm disciplinary action by them would go a long way to help clean up these (albeit few) rogue law firms.

How many times have we read on this forum what a lawyer has legally (ill)advised a client – eg. “You don’t need a Bank Guarantee because your building is already built” despite no LFO, no legal building licence, etc.
And “You only need a Bank Guarantee if your developer goes bust…” !

IMO this **** will continue if the Colegio sits on its hands and does nothing, and clients (Spanish, English or whoever) simply have nowhere to go.