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@Drakan wrote:

Jude enjoy your blissful ignorance. I believe you haven’t read my posts. I’m not going to explain in a public forum how to cheat and deceive others or the Tax Authorities as it is obvious.

If you are so sure that buying and selling are completely different please enlighten us.

The problem Jude is that you are resentful against Spanish lawyers due to a bad personal experience with a valencian lawyer:


Why do you adopt a patronising and/ or agressive stance against anyone who questions the activities of Spanish lawyers ? I am not attacking you personally so why patronise me. It is unecessary and uncalled for.

If you re-read my post I did not say it was my personal experience but that of others. Nowhere in my post today did I mention defrauding the tax authorities when selling a property either.

I do know the difference between buying and selling a property thats why I do not use a lawyer.

I am interested in your reply regarding the lawyers cartel operating in Spain regarding fees. One would imagine the fixing of fees is illegal. There are lawyers advertising fees lower than 1%.