Reply To: Contract cancellation.


I had a Bank Guarantee that expired just when I could make claim. Lawyer did not ensure that I have correct BG and is now not even mentioning that I can reclaim my deposits via BG as clearly they know that is has expired and they can’t be bothered to get it renewed as they are working with the developers.

After reading posts about BG from this forum, I asked my lawyer about BG – following conversation took place:-

Me: Why did you not ensure that I have correct BG and why is it not being renewed even though it has been 9 months after I was suppose to get the keys?

Lawyer: It is because you did not buy the property through us.

Me: Ummm!!. But you are lawyers – how can I buy a property through you. I bought it via estate agent as any normal person will buy property.

Lawyer: But you paid all the deposits and then hired us.

Me: Ummm!!. No – I went to estate agent and paid nominal reservation fee to them in the morning and straight after that I came to you and even gave you POA to act on my behalf for the property. Two months later I paid remaining 30% deposits.

Lawyer: Look – the bottom line is that we are working very very hard to get your money back and you are not helping situation by asking us questions every other day.

Me: Ummm!!. I don’t think I am asking too much to get answers to these important issues regarding BG.

Lawyer: Do you want us to continue acting as your solicitor? It looks like you don’t trust us – other 10 clients are all very happy at the hard work we are doing for them. We are very close to getting your deposits back and will probably get it by January.

Me: Ok – that sounds good.

I am still shocked that at the end I did not get any answer to my original question. Clearly they are showing me a big carrot and when January comes – they will have other execuses for not getting my deposits back from the developers.