No NOT unfair Rawlins. As I said “In our experience”. This is perfectly true. My husband asked until he was blue in the face, to have certain written items from our original lawyer(the one who signed our original purchase contract) to be on headed company paper and not once did this happen. Our second lawyer was the same. Money we paid to them in cash, in person, was not receipted on headed paper until my husband insisted that it was . He also had to ask for it to be signedand dated by the senior lawyer dealing with our case.
Our current lawyer was different. When we engaged him, he gave us a contract of engagement on his company notepaper, signed by himself.

Don’t tell me what is fair or unfair please. 😕 We’ve suffered”unfair” in Spain by the lorry load!! 😉

Black money by under declaring the value of a property is illegall, so we are told by you lawyers! 🙂