Reply To: Dissidents in your Community of Owners :) !



Hi Maria, our urbanisation consists of just villas in plots ranging from 1000-3000 sm2 plots. (There are no community facilities its just fees for lighting, security etc.) There has been a lot of contention over the way the cuotas were revised and for each the last 3 years the president and most of the junta have resigned at the AGM. I would say that approx 45% of the community are spanish and the rest mainly scandinavians, German and English (oh and the odd Russian!) It has always been a well run community and the administrator is very efficient.

The meeting is conducted in spanish with a translation into English and German. This year it was in spanish only and many english, germans etc. walked out. A german offered to do a translation into german and english but he only summarised what was being discussed. I speak spanish so I could follow it but my husband left half way as he said he “was lost with the translation” Hope I’m not boring you 🙄 So, my question is…Is there any rule that says an official translator should be present ❓