Reply To: Re: backpayment of renta



OK, not begging but:
“Find yourself a Spanish Fiscal Advisor to tell you much you owe the Tax Authorities and see if you can pay them now.”
“Please seek advise from a Spanish Fiscal Advisor so as to act optimally.”
“I think it is worthwile rather than having to pay over thousands of Euros taxes worth in the future.”
I think that there may be a clue in the responses from Drakan???????

“I took it at face value when a resident of 16 years in Spain told me I only needed to pay Patrimonio”
You have listened to them in the past, were they Lawyers or Fiscal Advisors and if not, why haven’t you learned from it, especially when you are being offered sound and reasonable advice, which it seems you weren’t originally, but were prepared to accept?
I have nothing to loose or gain by commenting, except it annoys me greatly when people do not get good independent professional advice and rely on such things as “a resident of 16 years in Spain told me”.
It seems like punters are begging, please take my hard earned savings from me, I want to end up with nothing.