Reply To: Getting NIE before going to Notary


Further comment about NIE numbers. Visited a Notary in Cadiz province yesterday along with stamped application form (EX-14) by main Cadiz Police office. Notaries office said that no formal documents can be notarised until the actual number and letter became available. I asked whether this was a new ‘law’ as I had understood that with the proof of application you may be able to process the notarised document. Was told that the particular Notary had been insisting on NIE numbers for some time (I think for at least a year) and when I asked what specific Law was being applied I was referred to : Real Decreto 2393/2004 . And I believe the Article number being applied is Article 100. I did not ask if being an ‘extranjero’ was “everybody” or if there were seperate rules for EU community members.
The full Law is on this page:

Anybody care to comment on the application of this?