Reply To: Got My Money Back! – Now What?



I have received a number of PMs asking me about my lawyer and how did I get to be so lucky. I thought it would be a good idea to put the details here and share it with the Board:
My lawyer is Spanish (Impeccable English), based in Marbella but isn’t one who is known to Mark. He was recommended to me by an EX Awful Estates salesperson who was using him personally.
He negotiated hard with the developers lawyer over a long period and I know he got a refund for another of his clients at Los Lagos.
He demanded a refund on the basis of breach of contract due to the development being more than 2 years late. He began this process in mid 2005 ie before the architect issued a certificate of completion.
However I do have to qualify any recommendation:
When I pushed and pushed to get a copy of my Bank Guarantee as I was encouraged to do by regular posters here, I found that it had expired! My lawyer said that it could not be renewed which is contrary to perceived wisdom on the Board.
I had become extremely worried in recent weeks about the security of my investment. My lawyer however kept saying the refund would come “Soon”.
And finally it did!