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Getting back to the apartment at El Soto, leaving aside the year delay which was enough to put us off and ask for our money back. There are still a lot of people in the first phase who still haven’t had their snagging lists sorted out and they are fairly major things ie. water leaks through the wooden window frames in the penthouse apts. and air conditioning units that have never worked. Community fees seem to be amongst the highest on the CDS. Big problems with security, it was sold to us as a gated development. Grupo Mena say that you will have uninterupted views as they have no plans to build further phases and then they sell parcels of land off to other developers for example Marbella Hill View which has had even more problems than El Soto. There are over 60 apartments for sale in phase one at the moment but they are finding it impossibe to sell as Grupo Mena have dropped the prices in phase two to 265,000 euros, originally they were from 330,000. I could go on but I’ve probably said enough.