Reply To: mobile phone rip off



Have you not heard of unfair terms of contract, restrictive contracts etc. – Yes, but what is unfair about when you bu a Movistar card, they tell you the terms and prior to buying, it states in their leaflet the duration of validity. Then when you top up, they send a txt to say when it is valid until.
Fair enough to me.
Convenience and accesibility is worth wasing a few euros for, if you do not use up in time.

Also remember, when you top up, you pay for the call time, but there is a small percentage towards the supply and maintenance of the equipment.

Would you expect the ‘phone company to keep your number “live” with a credit of say 1 euro, forever, should you decide never to return to Spain.
Suppose the next complaint will be about throw away cameras. Why is it you cannot use for the next 20 years. Then there is if you are away, you should not be charge car tax.