Reply To: Getting NIE before going to Notary


Spoken to lawyers up and down the land in last 24 hours.

Guess what. Sometimes you need an NIE for escritura, sometimes you don’t.

It depends upon the region where you are signing, and the notary you go to.

If the notary you go to insists on you obtaining an NIE number by the time of escritura, then that is what you have to do. But there are many notaries who do not insist on you having an NIE number by the time of escritura.

There is no law that says that non-resident foreigners have to have an NIE number in order to sign deeds before notary. You can sign on the strength of your passport number, though for paying your taxes within 30 days of escritura you must have an NIE number.

If you are using a mortgage, then you must have an NIE number by the time of escritura. Mortgage lenders insist on this.

The safest course of action is to get an NIE number in time for escritura. You have to get one anyway, so might as well avoid all problems and have it for this event.

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