Reply To: Land Grab – Some news that will affect a lot of people




a move in the right direction, lets hope the ball starts rolling and many more area’s of spanish law and in particular the builder/agent/ lawyer triangle get a serious looking at.

I wake up every morning and still find it hard to believe that after nearly four and a half years after we put a third deposit down, the development still has no LFO. There is also at least two serious breeches of contract, (build time and size of apartment) no bank guarantee and no completion date. As if that’s not bad enough, if we want to negotiate a reduced two thirds balance or claim our money back with compensation for all our losses, it looks like a change of lawyer and a long and costly court battle in front of us, with no guarantee of a win, judging by others experiences on this site alone.

Why should we have to go through all this, just for common sense justice?