Reply To: Land Grab – Some news that will affect a lot of people



Well said, Vince.

To help illustrate your point for those who don’t agree with it, my Spanish lawyer had a client (Danish) who had problems with Aifos. They didn’t build anything, was holding onto the client’s money, with an offer of money back plus 6% interest. However the prices of property in the area had gone up 50% in the two years that had passed. They were angry.

So he and his wife, pregnant at the time, camped on the plot of land where their townhouse was supposed to be, so as to claim their rights, placards and all, to make a good ol’ publicity ‘stink’.

Finally, AIFOS agreed to pay them €85,000 – more than double the compensation they offered initially, to cover ‘property appreciation’ for the two years.
Total satisfaction plus loads of bad publicity for Aifos, including back home in the Danish press.

Personally, I would like to kidnap the directors of our development company one night, handcuff them naked to a lamppost in the middle of Marbella with placards round their necks, to be found in the early morning rush hour.
Bet that would warrant a bit of publicity in the local paper…. 8)