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Yes I do believe that if even one person was to stand outside an estate agents/developers office and inform potential clients of their so called customer service they would take notice. Would you listen to someone who said don’t use this estate agent because once they fleece you they don’t want to know you. I would and probably walk away.

Not quite the same thing but I once had a problem with a washing machine and the shop would do nothing until I stood outside telling their potential customers just what I thought of the shop and the legendary after sales service. After the 3rd customer walked away they were ever so happy to give me what I wanted.

Whether humans are naturally pack animals or not – if they DID get together for a common cause then they can move things – as has been shown very well by the AUN over the issue of LRAU.

As for not having time to make protests – I agree not everyone has the time to do so, but there are some people who will and soem who wont – thats the beauty of collective action – there is more thanone voice all the time even if that particular day you cannot make it.

That’s exactly what happened in the LRAU case – they organized protests against the Valencian government – high profile on the doorstep protests – and got noticed by the EU.

If one man had done that would the EU have even bothered? I doubt it.

The point is if you do something about it and use the collective voice then things will happen – why do you think lobbyists work so well – and do you think all lobbyists represent the view of the silent majority. NO they represent their paymasters but make so much noise about their issue that they get listened to. That is their job.

As for your comments about it being in the media – so was LRAU – for many years people had heard about it and everyone coming over asked the questions – is this property affected by LRAU. But it took one person to get real peed off and get a group of other likeminded people who were also peed off to make changes. And I have no doubt that if they hadn’t raised the question to the EU LRAU would still be here and we wouldnt be having this conversation.

So you can continue trying to find fault with what I am saying but if you want to change something you have to actually take action. And if you wish to do it more effectively then do so with more than one voice. So whether we are pack animals or not, we can adapt and change (and the most successful creatures adapt to their surroundings) and do what is necessary to get the job done.